Record of Testing of Omnisode

ode.over(Overrides .ode files)
TimeLanguageOde FileEquationStartEndActual EndHH ReasonMachine DigitsDesired Correct DigitsEstimated Correct DigitsMin Correct DigitsLast Correct DigitsMin Est APFP DigitsLast Est APFP DigitsTermsType Sing GivenGiven Least SingRatio Least SingThree Term Least SingSix Term Least SingIterationsExecution TimeEstimated Total TimeLast Savediffeq programdiffeq resultsComment
2015-05-19T21:19:31-05:00Maplesindiff ( y , x , 1 ) = sin ( x ) ; 010.9284999.99999e-05Pole508115050NANA200No PoleNANONE0.00999933NONE92763 Minutes 0 Seconds 3 Minutes 13 Seconds 308.maple.seems.ok sin diffeq.mxtsin maple resultsOK